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Discussions Group on Bacterial Enteric Diseases

We invite colleagues to begin a discussion here to encourage new research in the area of bacterial enteric infections - what are the research priorities? what is limiting research? What are the logistical, design and ethical issues?


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Literature lists out some factors: 1. Prior exposure to the diseases 2. Poverty 3. Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth (SBBO) 4. Intestinal Helminths 5. Others What is your opinion?

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Discussion Group on Enteric Diagnostics

Improved and highly implementable diagnostics are critically needed if the mortality burden of enteric infections is to be reduced please share your thought and ideas here and get this discussion going with the aim of driving and supporting research.

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Discussion Group on Viral Enteric Infections

What should the research focus be on enteric viral infections? vaccines? therapy? Please get involved and start off this discussion in order to drive and encourage research.