Welcome to www.enterics.org.

The aim of this website is to offer a space online for anyone interested in enteric infections to use this as a platform for building collaborations and sharing ideas and views – as well as tools and resources for research.

Viral and bacterial diseases of the gut comprise an under-resourced and under- researched area of global health even though these diseases cause a high burden of mortality and morbidity in the lowest income countries.

The aim here is to create a democratic, open access and collaborative space that encourages and supports research. Within this specialised website there is the facility for researchers interested in any aspect of enteric infection research to come together and form collaborative groups to work together online and build specific research project teams. These groups can then work together here in a digital group that can work openly or in a closed members-only space. This has been designed and built to provide a mechanism for writing grant applications, protocol and all the research methods and tools that are required.

This site has been set up by a multi-disciplinary group and welcomes anyone with an interest in this area.

It is a new site and early days and has been set up at this point to build a professional community and encourage colleagues to get involved. Please have a look around the site and send in your ideas for developing this platform. The plan is to have an area for resources and current articles, with editorial comment. The discussion groups are there for researchers to take on and develop into various topics and areas within the overall scope of enteric diseases.